WaterskiWorks Offers two types of training 




Choosing on-site training allows our professional team to travel to your camp and customiZe waterski safety training to your camp's setting. The class is scheduled for an eight hour training day, However adjustments can be made to accommodate unexpected events.  The training begins with a 30 minute meeting of participants and a training day overview.  The remainder of the day is spent providing on training following the general guidline below.  An evaluation of each participant is completed at the end of the training day coupled with any safety or program recommendations from the Lead trainer. 

General maintenance of a vessel
Safe Navigation of a vessel

controlled docking of a vessel
Safe Towing of Waterskiers
Safe and Effective Drive patterns Specific to Camp Lakes
Equipment Safety and Maintenance
Summer Camp ACA Regulations and Standards
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Training

ON-SITE - Level 2 = Level 1 Plus PWC Towing 

Safe Camper Towing Techniques Specific to PWS's

​ON-SITE - Level 3 = Level 1 Plus Vessel Towing under 26 feet 

Safe Camper Towing Techniques Specific to Towboats

​Level 1,2 & 3 Professional Fees  

$345- 1 day class per counselor / Minimum 6 ***

$475- 2 day class per counselor / Minimum 6 ***

​***There is also a $275 fee per camp for Certifications/ Training Material / Trainer Travel 

***THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL TRAVEL FEES FOR CAMPS THAT FALL OUTSIDE OF OUR TERRITORY,  THOSE FEES CAN RANGE FROM $500 - $750 DUE .. Please contact is to discuss your location and if fees will apply ****

OFF-SITE  (Class A) 

The off-site training leads to the Class A certification. Waterskiworks will provide the safety / training material including a safety manual and exam. The exam is administered at the camp's convenience. Upon successful completion of the exam, Class A certifications will be issued. Below are the general topics of the training material 

General Maintenance of a vessel
Safe navigation of a vessel
safe and effective drvie patterns specific to camp lakes 
Safe Towing of Waterskiers
Equipment Safety and Maintenance
Summer Camp ACA Regulations and Standards
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Trainiing
orientation to summer camp programs 

Class A Professional fees: 
$650 which includes 6 staff, each additional staff certifications $65 each

Contact our safety team today to discuss training!! 
Phone: 972-762-0171 

To  recevive more information on the WaterskiWorks training and certification program please 

send us your contact information and a WatrerskiWorks specialist will be in contact wit you to discuss.